Connecting Aviation With the Community

Have you ever wondered how the Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport operates, what’s happening there now or its impact on the community? Now is your chance to find out! 

Let a speaker from the Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport be part of your group's next meeting. If you would like an airport speaker to engage your community organization, business association or school group, we have the program for you.

Please contact Terry Connorton at 864-580-5004

Spartanburg Aviation Community Program

How can the Airport provide an outreach to the local community?

By bringing together all the aviation groups at the airport with the same goals in sharing their passion for aviation.

This diverse program curriculum demonstrates all the possibilities in working with aviation.


The Program Curriculum

  • Attend an educational class with the Civil Air Patrol. This will provide a look at the USAF in pursuing aviation

  • Fly the Airport fight simulator. This will demonstrate how technology is creating a cost effective way with pilot training


  • Instructional glider flight around the local area. Flying in a glider will show how physics and weather patterns provide flight.

  • Attend an FAA safety meeting. This class will show how the FAA is cornerstone in aviation is safety.

  • Refueling and servicing aircraft. This experience will allow the student to see the type of ground support services that are required.

  • Work with an Aviation Mechanic on an aircraft. This opportunity will show that aviation is not just about pilots, but the mechanics that keep the aircraft flying.

  • Fly a powered flight to a local airport for lunch. This will a social event to see the possibilities in becoming a pilot.

  • Present to the group their experiences of the program. Provide presentation skills in public speaking .

Airport Park

The park includes two playground areas with aviation-themed equipment, a multi-purpose athletic field, a splash pad, outdoor fitness equipment, two pavilion shelters with picnic tables, restroom facilities, a walking path and green space.